Terms of Use

1. General Terms of Use

The web site www.orthodynamic.gr is the official online store of Orthodynamic SA products under its own or its providers’ brands. The company is located in 45 Nafpliou str, Metamorfosi, Attiki, the VAT is EL 094206905, and the contact telephone is +30 2111024100.

Accessing and browsing www.orthodynamic.gr website and using our online store to make your purchases is at your sole responsibility, subject to all applicable laws and subject to the following terms and conditions.

Before entering and using our online store, please read carefully and make sure that you understand and agree with these terms, rules, terms and conditions. Using and browsing the website or submitting an order through the online store states automatically the full and unconditional consent and acceptance by the customer / user of these general terms and conditions of use.

A customer / user who does not agree to the following terms must abstain from using the online store and from each transaction with it. The company informs users through this website about any changes to the terms of the transactions while retaining the right to unilaterally modify or renew at any time and any of these terms of use and to change the content of www.orthodynamic.gr at any time.

Customers / users, in turn, have the sole responsibility of regularly reviewing any modifications to these terms of use. These modifications are binding and using the web site on your behalf is presumed to have been accepted by you. Any modification does not apply and therefore does not affect already-placed and order-delivered orders. Please note that the prices quoted relate only to purchases through the e-shop.

2. Liability

The customer / user of the website – online store www.orthodynamic.gr is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law and the relative terms. He/ she accepts and gets engaged that he/ she will not use the online store of the company for sending, publishing, or transmitting in any content that is illegal or whatever constitutes violation of applicable Greek and EU legislation. Visiting and signing transactions through the company's online store must be exclusively for personal / private use and for legitimate purposes and always in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. The customer / user accepts and undertakes the responsibility not to perform any actions or omissions that may cause damage and lead to malfunctioning of the company's e-shop by affecting or compromising the services provided through it and causing unlawful detraction and damage to the company.

We recommend that you follow the basic security rules for online transactions and regularly change your personal password by avoiding the use of same and easily crawled passwords.

The ownership of all products sold remains to Orthodynamic SA until the clearance of the repayment of the products price and any additional costs and expenses that may be borne by the transaction (transport costs or taxes, duties, customs clearance if they arise under the law of the country of destination for sales outside Greece).

After the delivery of the products sold, the risk of damage or destruction and loss is automatically transferred from the company to the customer / buyer. The customer / purchaser is required to check the intact of the outer packaging upon receipt of the goods at the time of order delivery in order to ascertain any defects created during transportation. Finally, it is forbidden to use the e-shop by non-adults or by persons lacking legal capacity.

3. Data and transactions security

Our company recognizes data and transactions security as a matter of major importance and therefore takes all necessary measures to safeguard them. The site protects its members from any data breach with data encryption methods. Customer details are not disclosed to any third party and while browsing the website remain encrypted and therefore not visible to unauthorized third parties. Encryption is valid at all stages and procedures of the transaction and sending of your personal data to and from www.orthodynamic.gr as indicatively in the shopping cart, the wish list, your registered user's personal page, the account creation and log in page, the order form, the transfer of data to and from the company, etc. The data remain encrypted and are not being disclosed to any third person.

The personal codes used for your identification are (a) the E-mail or username and b) the Password, which each time you enter them give you access with absolute security to your personal information. You can change the above codes whenever and as often as you like. The account holder is the only person who has access to personal information through the above access codes and also solely responsible for safeguarding them from third parties. In case of loss or leakage, you must immediately notify us, otherwise our company is not responsible for the use of the access codes by any unauthorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you change these codes at regular intervals and avoid the use of the same and easily detectable codes, possibly using not only letters and numbers but also symbols for and creating your codes.

4. Use of cookies

We use the so-called cookies on our web pages. Cookies are text files that allow us to make your visit to our site as comfortable as possible. This includes, for example, the default settings for presenting our website or shopping cart functions, as well as the ability to register in single so that you have to sign up for our site only once. Cookies allow the site to "remember" you either for the duration of your visit (with "session cookies") or for each visit (with "permanent cookies"). These cookies are temporarily filed on your computer and transmitted to our server only when you visit our site.

Cookies are plain text that stores web servers on your computer or mobile device and can then retrieve it or read it. Cookies are used by the web browsers. Each one is unique and contains anonymous information such as a unique identifier, site name, digits or letters. They allow websites to remember your preferences in navigation. You can view and delete the cookies stored on your computer and control how cookies are generally treated through your web browser settings.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The website www.orthodynamic.gr is the official online store for the demonstration and sale of our products and therefore all its content, information, data, photographs, trademarks, logos, graphics, designs and any other distinctive features as well as generally all digital records and services provided by the online store are intellectual property of Orthodyamic SA itself and are protected by Greek, EU and international laws on intellectual and industrial property.

It is forbidden in any way to mislead the public about the beneficial owner of the content of this website which is the intellectual property of Orthodynamic SA and is not permitted under the relevant provisions of Greek law to be retransmitted and to be totally or partially copied, reproduction of sale, modification, republication or distribution, by any way or means.

6. Jurisdiction, extension of jurisdiction and applicable law

These terms and conditions of use of the e-shop are governed by Greek law, and applicable to any distance selling contract concluded in Greece or internationally. The terms and conditions of use of the website and the transactions carried out through it do not violate any mandatory law. Any dispute or dissent related to the execution and / or interpretation of these terms and conditions of use of the e-shop that may arise will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts of Athens.

7. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Since February 15, 2016, the European Commission's Electronic Dispute Resolution Platform has launched an opportunity for both consumers and traders to resolve their disputes regarding both domestic and cross-border transactions electronically. Essentially this is an out-of-court body for resolving consumer disputes. The responsible – certified bodies in our country are the Independent Consumer Ombudsman Authority. The process serves all the member countries of the European Union, completed electronically, it lasts usually 90 days and takes place in four stages:

• Submit an electronic complaint form.

• Agreement for the Dispute Settlement Body of both parties within 30 days.

• Undertake a dispute settlement by the Dispute Settlement Body within three weeks.

• Result of the process It is worth noting that the parties are able to withdraw from the proceedings at any stage and continue the proceedings in the appropriate courts. Consumers must contact the vendor before requesting the Alternative Dispute Resolution Authority to resolve the dispute directly with him / her.